Low Calorie Alcohol Drinks to Prevent Fat Gain

If you’re going to have an alcoholic beverage, it’s important that you’re looking into the low calorie alcohol drinks that will prevent you from packing on the pounds.  It’s no secret that a large number of people do gain weight because of their drinking habits, so being sure to do everything possible to prevent this should be your goal.

The more often you’re consuming alcohol, the harder it tends to be to lose belly fat meaning with each drink you take, you move yourself further and further away from your goals.

Fortunately, if you make the right selection, there are some drink options out there that do contain fewer calories that will help you in your efforts to stay slim.

Here are the low calorie drinks to know about.

low calorie alcohol drinks

Hard Liquor and Water/Diet Soda

If you’re going to go with hard liquor such as vodka, rye, or whiskey, you’re best off mixing it with pure water or diet soda.  Mixing it with regular soda is a recipe for disaster because then not only are you taking in the calories from the soda, but you’re also getting the calories from the alcohol.

In one shot of any of the alcohol’s you’re looking at about 70-80 calories so this should put it into perspective of how many you’re consuming over the course of the night.

It should also be mentioned that if you’re drinking these with water, you’ll stand the extra benefit of helping to re-hydrate yourself while the alcohol goes in, so that can slightly help prevent a hangover.

On the flip side though, you may notice yourself becoming intoxicated quicker if you haven’t eaten any food beforehand.

Low Calorie Beer

While beer is often touted as what’s responsible for giving people ‘beer belly’s’ there are some new beers available now that are on the lighter end of the scale as far as calories are concerned.

Your average beer bottle will contain approximately 150 calories per serving, however if you opt for the light beers, you could be looking at as few as 67 per 12 oz serving.

If you are a big beer drinking and are aiming to lose belly fat, this is something you definitely do want to keep in mind.  If you down 5 or 6 beers over the course of the evening, this easily adds up to almost 1000 calories total.  Do that three nights in a row and you’ve just added almost a pound of body fat to your frame.


Wine is the final of our low calorie alcohol drinks and this is especially the case when you compare it to some of the high calorie cocktails out there.  Your standard glass of wine has about 120 to 140 calories per 5 oz serving, so as long as you’re keeping portion sizes under control, this isn’t going to set you back too terribly bad.

Like anything else though, drink too much of it and you will be struggling to lose belly fat effectively.

So keep these drinks in mind.  You really are best refraining from alcohol whenever possible, but if you are going to indulge, these are the drinks to do it with.

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